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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  November 29, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> good morning to you. i am heather nauert. >> i am heather childers. thank you for joining us. it is thursday november 29th. thanks for watching "fox & friends first". time for your 5@5:00. the top five streers making ne stories making news at this hour. two people waking up millionaires. two tickets sold in arizona and missouri matched all 6 numbers to win the power ball jackpot. they will split $579.9 million.
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what were the lucky numbers? 5, 16, 22, 23, 29 and of course the power ball, 6. the record jackpot the biggest in power ball history. >> some of the world's most dangerous terrorists could be headed to the united states. the chairwoman fine stein had a report saying jails in the united states could safely house nearly 170 detainees from guantanamo bay. the facilities would need to be modified. president obama ordered the closing of gitmo when he took office back in 2009. that move was blocked by congress over concerns of local security. >> palestinian leaders predicted they will score a win today when they vote on whether to recognize the palestinian state. they are against the effort arguing the solution will come
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when palestinians and israelis return to the bargaining table. >> i have said many times the path to a situation that fills the palestinian people is through injuries lel and ramallah, not new york. >> israeli officials have already said they will not return to negotiations after the vote and believe that it instead undermines hope for a peace deal. susan rice's potential bid to be secretary of state comes more in jeopardy. it leaves more questions than answers. the opposition stems largely from this remark they made since the september 11th attack in benghazi. hillary clinton and the president still support her. >> susan rice has done a great job as our ambassador to the
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united nations. of course this decision about my successor is up to the president. >> and the president recently called her work extraordinary. >> it is beginning to look a lot like christmas here in new york city. >> 3, 2, 1. >> the iconic rockefeller center christmas tree is all lit up. it is a norway spruce from mount olive, new jersey, that made it through super storm sandy, by the way. it is illuminated with more than 30,000 lights and topped a crystal star. >> think of all of the scaffolding to decorate it. that is amazing. >> that is your 5@5:00.
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>> two former foes are coming together today. romney and obama are sitting down for their first post election meeting. we have more on the meeting. what's the topic today? >> today at 12:30 it will be president obama and mitt romney in a room by themselves for a lunch that was arranged about a week after the election. there won't be any staff sitting with them. we are told the white house called and mitt romney accepted this information. romney aids say he has noah agenda. it's just going to be two adversaries sitting down for a social lunch. >> the president said that there are aspects of governor romney's record and governor romney's ideas that could be very helpful. governor romney did a terrific job running the state. the requested reorganization
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authority from the congress to do just that. >> we haven't heard from mitt romney since he came up short on leblgs day. we have seen him pumping his own gas and riding roller-coaster in california went viral. today's lunch comes a little over 6 weeks after the two men were basically at each other's throat arguing about the administration's response to the deadly raid on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. you said in the rose garden the day after the attack it was an act of terror. it was not a spontaneous demonstration. >> please proceed, governor. >> i want to make sure we get that for the record. >> we have no reason to expect that today's lunch time conversation will be anything like that. there is a precedent in recent history for this tynkind of meeting. 13 days after obama beat mccain
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he invited mccain to his offices in chicago. at the time the two released a statement about working together in the future. that did not hold since senator mccain has once again become one of president obama's harshest critics. >> all right beater dos see, thank you so much. now to stories that you can bank on this morning and cyber monday a huge success. how big was it? >> good morning. well, i got a message from one retailer that said thank you you almost crashed our site. that was our message on cyber monday. they received nearly two orders per second four times the rate of a normal day and that comes from the data firm commerce. revenue was up 25 percent over last year. the average price was 8 percent higher as well. all this because of social media and pr blitz by many of the
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small businesses. organization that could use money that could use help is the u.s. postal service. they have a plan to help them survive. >> they have a plan the problem is you have heard it before. he has a way to make money. the agency is not asking congress for money even though they have 15 billion this year. they are cutting benefits from 5 billion to 1 billion. just that will put the agency in the black next year and then the post office can continue delivery. >> he talked about same day delivery. we talked about that. >> amazon is doing that wal-mart is doing that. >> this next story we have to tell you about. churches renting out sell towers -- their steep pells as cell towers. >> we pray for better service now we aprayers are being answe.
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church steep pells make a key location because they are high and they are also in residential locations. controversial but it has been profitable. one church is making 4,000 a month. >> appreciate it. >> i hope you answer. >> first degree weather update for janice dean. she is keeping an eye on the storm brewing out west for the last couple days. >> a lot of moisture is going to work its way over a foot of rain into california. a 4rlittle bit of moisture acro the great lakes. not a big deal. all of the weather is across the west coast where we are seeing a ton of rain and some mountain snow as well as really gusty winds. these are future radar as we
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head into thursday and friday. low pressure offshore. we have moisture moving inland. in some cases yes, 6 to 8 even 12 inches of rain as we head into early next week. look at that from southern oregon all of the way towards northern california just north of san francisco and then the snow, feet of snow in the region. flood advisory in effect where we could see flash flooding. heather i want to make mention of a place we don't normally talk about. we should probably. alaska. here is the forecast for alaska. 16 fairbanks, 16 anchorage. >> they requested that. >> i followed yousation on twitter with our alaska followers. that's why we got that in. >> we will make sure more of alaska is in the forecast. >> thank you, janice. it is time now to brew on
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this. the governor of rhode island pulling a bah hum bug this year and ditching christmas. lincoln chaffey is removing the christmas tree display in the white house. this will after the governor's decision to change the tree name from a christmas tree to a holiday tree. it happened last year and it ignite add real firestorm. jessie waters visited providence rhode island to get to the bottom of it and this is what he found. >> christmas tree or holiday tree? >> holiday tree gets everyone in the spirit for any holiday. it's typical of the holiday season. if they want to call it a holiday tree that includes more people. >> what's the agenda. why would you call it a holiday dre do you think? >> i think to be politically correct he doesn't want to offend any people. everybody for their holiday has their thing. just like jewish they have menorah christians have a christmas tree. >> called a christmas tree.
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always call it had a christmas tree. >> christmas is christmas. he's a nut. >> do you think it should be call add christmas tree or a holiday tree? >> please send us your comments. you can tweet them to us at fox friends first or e-mail the time is 11 minutes after the hour. coming up republicans and democrats seem to be miles and miles apart when it comes to the issue of the fiscal cliff. we asked each side what they would be willing to cut to make sure your taxes don't go up. plus, it isn't a wild safari, this is staten island. how these two pulled off the greatest scape. [ woman ] ring. ring.
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>> it is quarter past the hour. here is a look at headlines this morning. >> a lawsuit has been filed after four wounded warriors were killed during a parade in their honor. in the state of texas is train crashing into a truck that was carrying the veterans. now two of those army veterans and their wives have filed lawsuits claiming that the rail company and the truck driver were grossly negligent. politics as usual that's what watch dogs groups are saying president obama is fight will about top donors talking the fiscal cliff. yahoo and comcast among others. the groups say it's the way the president -- it's the president's way of rewarding his to
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donors for helping him get re-elected. >> it is a battle on capitol hill. we are four weeks away from going over that fiscal cliff. so far republicans are sticking to their guns. the white house is stepping up negotiations. tim geithner is set to meet top leaders to look closer at the numbers. mike em an mule has more from capitol hill. >> there's a great discussion about raising taxes. many talk about entitlement reform but with the nation's debt at 16 trillion and counting we asked lawmakers what they are willing to cut to get a deal. >> republicans offered a plan to avoid the fiscal cliff through significant spending cuts. >> we put revenue on the table as long as it's accompanied serious spending cuts to avert
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the crisis. >> the bipartisan bowl deficit plan had savings worth pursuing. >> they identified $1.1 trillion tax expenditures, benefits, deductions, credits and the like that could be cut as part of a grand bargain. i think we ought to look at that flat ten the code simplify it. >> harry reid told reporters yesterday he would like to get credit for what congress has previously cut. >> we have already done more than a billion dollars worth of cuts. >> the top democrat in the house took a similar approach. >> it is important to know that we have already agreed to over a trillion and a half dollars in cuts at both budget control and others in this session of congress. so now we are looking to see if we can do that. >> though asked what she would be willing to slash as part of this deal rank and file house
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members say they realize more must be done now. >> we get a senfolks making a mn dollars a year maybe they aren't able to access medicare. they have the means to buy their own healthcare. >> i know we can't afford to spend 690 billion on our defense but there are smart ways and dumb ways to cut defense spending. we have places all over western europe where there hasn't been a threat since 1989. >> thi am trying not to paint u too far in a box that tells boehner what to do. >> he didn't care to negotiate cuts on camera. >> we will have that conversation with the president. >> there will be an opportunity when treasury secretary tim geithner comes up here to capitol hill to meet with top 4
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congressional leaders. >> heather and heather back to you. >> mike emanuel, thank you very much. >> coming up next on the rundown are you looking to earn a little extra cash during the holidays? cheryl casone that is three companies who are hiring right now. >> i now pronounce you significant others. what the heck is that? we will tell you about this one state that is cutting out the word husband and wife from marriage certificates. >> it's true. flush
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>> welcome back. it is 22 after the top of the hour. two weeks after he was busted for allegedly assaulting then fiancee now wife hope solo. jeremy stevens now behind bars. the ecstasy at el seahawk arrested after prior arrest for marijuana so session. >> you could be paying more to indulge in junk food. the president will tax junk food to get americans healthier. >> obama is known for her fight against childhood obesity. >> 'tis the season to start hiring. reports showing that seasonal hiring is at the highest level in five years. cheryl casone is here with three of the companies hiring seasonal workers right now. short term job if you want to
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bring in extra cash. >> that is the thought process going in when you take one of these jobs. 25,000 seasonal workers are going to be highered this year. you are correct five years. best number we have seen in five years. why is that? >> the economy is getting a little better. cyber monday was a new record. the big et cyber monday on record. they are beginning to open up their wallets. they are saving their cash for years now spending. >> or using credit cards a lot. let's get to the companies. >> ups you know this one. the global package delivery company. there are several things you can do and they are hiring through december 8th. they have 55,000 seasonal jobs available. 525 million packages will be shipped between now and christmas. packaged loaders unloaders, 8.50 an hour. >> 55,000 jobs that's a lot.
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>> sterling jewelers. >> i love this one. mostly mall based jewelry companies. this is kay and jared. they own both chains. they have full-time positions across the nation. they have 1300 plus more across the country. you don't flooefd why yous jewelry experience. they will train you about cut and clarity and color the size and different shapes. they will train you and put you into the store the. >> is it an hourly salary? >> it is a base salary but you also do get commission. these jobs are more commission based. they want to motivate you to sell especially this time of year. >> they visited sites on black friday believe it or not. wal-mart was number 2. amazon will be hiring through december. they need people 50,000 seasonal jobs. this is a jump from last year. many people can help in
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distributi distribution, packing and shipping. ups -- excuse me. that was ups. amazon also have jobs across the country. >> cheryl casone, thank you very much. >> we have particulars and the web sites where you can apply for the jobs specifically. >> we will talk to you again next week. coming up president obama promised to close gitmo. remember that? democrats may be making a similar promise. this time they want to bring the world's most dangerous terrorist s a lot closer to home. >> she may be a super star but she is not the top earner in the music world. she got beat out by someone who hasn't put out an album in 12 years. first on this day in history in 1972 attar reannounced a release of pong. the first commercially successful video game.
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>> is that what that looks like?
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>> an article out today says most lottery winners are no happier than before winning the jackpot. that's a fair trade. how many wouldn't mind being miserable for $550 million.
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that's right. you live with the pain. you learn to live with the pain. i think that's what happens. >> live with the pain on a beach. welcome back to fox and friends first. i am heather childers. >> it is half past the hour. it is time for your top 5@5:30. two people waking up millionaires. two tickets matched all 6 numbers to win the power ball jackpot. $579.9 million. what were the lucky members? 5, 16, 22, 23, 29 and the power ball of 6. the record jackpot is the biggest in power ball history. >> somebody really lucky morning. obama and mitt romney coming face to face for the first time since the presidential debate. the two are said to have had lunch together in the white house.
2:32 am
president obama is looking forward to having a useful discussion with his former foe. he is also set to meet with congressman paul ryan. paul ryan will take place in the fiscal cliff meeting today with treasury tim geithner and house speaker john boehner. >> it may be your favorite spot for lounging around but your couch could be killing you. 85 percent of all couches in the united states contain potentially toxic chemicals according to a study published by the journal of environmental science and technology. most are treated with chemicals that are supposed to prevent fire. many of the chemicals have been banned because they can cause cancer among other problems. >> that is scary. the words husband and wife getting axed from marriage certificates in washington. they will likely be replaced with more gender neutral terms
2:33 am
spouse a and spouse b. the same-sex marriage law takes effect december 6th. >> the video you have to see a zebra and tony captured on cell phone video running wild through the streets of staten island, new york. it happened during a busy morning commute. it's a zebra. it's staten island running past me. it came towards me. i tried to stop him so it didn't run into the street. it didn't stop. they were running so fast. it was like a herd moving the pony was leading and the zebra was behind it. >> behind them the petting zoo owner. he let them out of their stalls to clean the stalls and forgot to close the gate. with the help of the nypd he was able to get them back home safely. >> nypd does just about everything. >> they are very cute. >> could some of the world's
2:34 am
most dangerous terrorists in a completely different story here be headed to the u.s.? a top democrat wants to put detainees in prisons in the u.s. doug is following this story for us. >> is closing guantanamo really an option? one u.s. sen is tore said yes. it is achieveable right in the united states. there are 166 detainees in cuba. it could be absorbed in a u.s. prison it already housed 300 prisoners convicted of terrorism. diane fine stein who commissioned the study said this, if the political will exists we can finally close guantanamo without imperilling our national security. numerous prisons in the united states operated department of
2:35 am
defense and department of justice capable of holding the 166 detainees who remain at guantanamo in an environment that meets the security requirements. but the key phrase from the senator, if the political will exists. republican senator john mccain for one says moving the detainees to the united states is not such a good idea. i have great ob jeks to it. i think it would be basically insertion of authority that is clearly not with violation of the existing laws. while senator fine stein talked about cost savings involving kwguantanamo. what do you do with the detainees? the president ordered the closure of gaun tan me b--
2:36 am
guantanamo bay almost four years ago. let's head over to janice dean. she is here with the first degree weather update. >> it is cool out there but we have the coldest spot of the map 20 in maine, 23 in minneapolis. warmest spot los angeles. we are expecting a warm-up across the plains. our alaska forecast ann bailey said we need more alaska. love for alaska. current temperatures minus 28 in fairbanks. it's chilly. satellite radar imagery across the west. we could see 6-10 even 12 inches of rainfall and wind gusts in excess of 70 miles per hour especially across the mountainous regions. this is an area we watch through out the weekend as the rain continues to fall or we see the potential for flooding and mud
2:37 am
slides for southern portions of oregon through northern portions of california. >> a look at your starting lineup and sports stories. >> major league baseball releasing this year's hall of fame ballot and sure to be surrounded by controversy. the top three names on this year's list barry bonds, roger clemens and sammy sosa. all three linked to performance enhancing drugs. a big rule change could be coming to golf. they are proposing a ban on anchoring. that is when a player holds the putter on his body to hold the end of it. it gives them an unfair advantage. if approved it will take effect in 2015. >> temperatures flaring at a brooks game in washington.
2:38 am
>> take a look at the chaos during the second quarter of the game. humphries shoving celtics. >> i am sure i said that wrong. the shove escalated into an all out brawl between the two teams. rondell and humphries were ejected. thank you, heather. it is time now to step into the fox fight with michael tamaro. first up, who is the highest paid musician of 2012? not justice bieber. >> it is not. the answer might be surprising. it's hip hop super producer dr. dre who leads the pack with $110 million. that is thanks to his head phone line. pink floyd rocker nearly all of it coming from the wall live tour and the rocket man himself
2:39 am
elton john claimed the third spot with $80 million. not too shabby. >> i saw pink floyd in concert back in my college years. pretty good one. >> jessica simpson is this true? >> allegedly it's true. reportedly pregnant 7 months after giving birth to her first baby. telling us weekly it wasn't planned but she is expecting. could her gig as weight watchers spokesman take a back seat to baby number two you asked? the company commented saying we do not disclose financial details about our relationship with any of our bams dorrs -- ambassadors. >> i think it will work with the program. she has to work harder with the program. >> super hero show is making a ton of buzz. green arrow followed billionaire
2:40 am
playboy oliver queen after being stranded on an island he comes home to fight crime as a secret vigilante. i found out what's in store the rest of the year. >> what we do in the coming episodes is all of the things in life that are distracting him a little bit it's one thing to help your sister after five years and quite another a week later she is like what happened on the island. there will be a character, we never refer to her but she is a character very well known to comic book fans. >> you can catch my entire interview with the cast of arrow on for the hollywood buzz check in on twitter. >> absolutely. i do every day. thank you, michael. appreciate it. >> the time now is 40 minutes
2:41 am
after the top of the hour. still ahead maybe you are one of the two people who went to bed over half a billion dollars richer. before you cash in the power ball winnings we have some advice for you. plus it's a bird it's a plane, it's robo pod. >> a look at america's newest spy.
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this bible changed the world. i'm kirk cameron. four hundred years ago our forefathers risked their lives to bring this bible to the shores of america. because it contained the principals for economic liberty, political liberty and religious freedom. the 1599 geneva bible. it was the first complete english translation, complete with chapters, numbered verses and 300,000 utterly unique study notes. it actually came out before the king james version and because the government didn't authorize it, it was outlawed. but it was a bible by the people, for the people, the book that built america.
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and now for the first time in 400 years it's available again in a beautiful leather edition. i have one, i want you to have yours too. please visit and get your copy of this rare and historic version of god's word today. thank you and may god bless you. >> 15 minutes to the top of the hour. republican governor jan brewer taking a stand against president obama again. she said arizona will not create a state run health insurance exchange because there are too many costs and unanswered questions. this means the federal government will have to set up the exchange for arizona. you probably heard of robo cop. meet robo cod. this robotic fish is the new ets tool for department of homeland
2:45 am
security. it has interchangeable sensors to monitor under water activities. it has a name called bio swimmer. it can be controlled lap top or move on its own. interesting. >> there's twryour next pet. there are two winning power ball jackpot tickets this morning. but did you know there are about 920,000 people who also won smaller prizes. wnyw robert moses is here with the latest. >> nearly a million folks won smaller prizes? >> nearly a million in new york alone winning smaller prizes, we need $4 or more. some people are going to walk away with a couple bucks. you will have a keem people walking in with more than that rm we will be talking to commuters who have to go to work
2:46 am
yet again, 5, 16, 22, 23 and 29 and power ball number 6. there were $2 million tickets sold in florida, maryland, new mexico, ohio and south carolina loin gnaw. the news is not all bad if you are waking up this morning. we are live in mid town. >> even if you get 4r bucks. >> two people in missouri and arizona will be splitting the $580 million. plus diane macedo has son what you are doing for the big winners all six of the numbers. they might be busy talking about
2:47 am
how to pro tech your certificates. >> soon the back to keep from any one claiming traes theirs. do a photo copy and place the original in a swaf. in terms of who you mel you tell, when it comes to payout options to take the lump jum it improved making the bash up 727 million the 580 million is the actual lottery pot plus interest earned but treasury you have a good chance of earning better returns elsewhere. >> with either option we will get 29 percent of that not including state taxes. especially since the winners will be in the top tax bracket there's a chas chances about co up so they are charged at 2012
2:48 am
rates. the same goes for charitable positions. righting off bow nations could be over written as friends and family one of my friends or family. in what case? give the girl olove. some love. >> bacon on a plate but bacon on your face guys listen up to this. your favor prit good won with the recommended moerdz mist mastery verses hole kay tree we want to know what you thought. tweets are up next. first let's check in with steve doocy and see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> if you could have a christmas tree that smells like bacon that would be fantastic.
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>> fox and friends talk about what it's like for your 18-year-old son sl the biggest pop star. we will find out as justin's mom patty joins us. she has a book out. job mags see, michelle malkin has talked about the events. you should be happy you did not win the power ball jackpot. fox and friends right here on the fox news channel. these smartphones come with a bonus $100 walmart gift card? that's right. so it's like i won. sure. oh my gosh i won!!! i won!!! [ male announcer ] get a $100 walmart gift card when you buy any android or windows 8 smartphone. through december 1st. from america's gift headquarters. walmart. wanted to provide better employee benefits while balancing the company's bottom line, their very first word was... [ to the tune of "lullaby and good night" ] ♪ af-lac ♪ aflac
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>> good morning. 8 minutes before the hour. amanda knox's up coming memoir has a title a cover design and a new publication date. waiting to be heard is the title. it comes out april 30th. the 25-year-old was acquitted in the 2007 murder of her british roommate.
2:53 am
knox returned home after spending four years in an italian jail. bacon on a plate but now bacon on your face? bacon scented shaving cream. the company says the cream is top quality on top of smelling like bacon. j & d says quote prepare to be loved admired and possibly eaten by bears. >> that doesn't sound good. >> no. >> it is time for your brew on this responses. rhode island governor's decision to kill christmas by removing the christmas display from the state house there. the decision comes after the governor found himself in the mid he would of a real firestorm last year after he decided to call it a holiday tree instead of a christmas tree. >> earlier in the show we asked if you thought it should be called a christmas tree or a holiday tree? here are some of your responses saying this. i will call it a holiday tree when they put it up for easter
2:54 am
mlk day, halloween, et cetera. until then it is a christmas tree. >> reverend michael e-mailed us holiday is arrived from holy day holiday tree ties in well for the reason for the season. >> military spouse is watching us from england. it's a christmas tree. who on earth goes holiday tree shopping. >> six minutes until the top of the hour. still ahead he may not be lassie but this listtle guy is definitely man's best friend. >> is this what your christmas card looks like? that's my little boy. not too crazy about santa. you are not alone. we will explain why we are showing a screaming baby when we come back. >> your screaming baby. >> my screaming baby.
2:55 am
this bible changed the world. i'm kirk cameron. four hundred years ago our forefathers risked their lives to bring this bible to the shores of america. because it contained the principals for economic liberty, political liberty and religious freedom. the 1599 geneva bible. it was the first complete english translation, complete with chapters, numbered verses and 300,000 utterly unique study notes. it actually came out before the king james version and because the government didn't authorize it, it was outlawed. but it was a bible by the people, for the people, the book that built america. and now for the first time in 400 years it's available again in a beautiful leather edition. i have one, i want you to have yours too. please visit and get your copy of this rare and historic version of god's word today. thank you and may god bless you.
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♪ >> morning, we look at the good, bad and ugly . first the good, a firefighter dog couldn't resist volunteering to help his owner as they pulled down a tree that was damaged in the netherlands. a massachusetts man was hit by his truck when his brake. he got whaloped again with a ticket for driving with affected equipment. >> the bad. a fight outside of courtroom . a 23 year old was given a year in prison for driving without a license and killing a six year old boys. the victim's family went after
2:59 am
the family in the hall . tiz the season and thousands of families post a christmas photoand you getet standard smiling faces x. things don't always go as planned. we want to see the christmas photos you would like to forget. this is my oldest son peter as he meets santa claus . he was so scared he didn't get a chance to tell santa claus what he wanted for christmas. >> poor thing. >> this is leiah, nephew and niece was our senior producer. clearly the first encounter with santa claus didn't go as planned either. that is a great looking santa. and send us a photoat fox friends first at fox news passport comand we'll


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